Demi-Gods and Wizards Don't Mix

Demi-Gods and Wizards Don't Mix

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Guadess/Luna By Dancing_On_Lies Updated Nov 13

After the war with Gaea, everyone assumed peace would finally enter their demigod lives. Nico was no exception, until, of course, he has the horrible luck of being chosen to go the one & only Hogwarts. In a school of witchcraft & wizardry, Nico has no idea what this quest is about. All he knows is that he's stuck for a whole year at a magic school, "protecting" a so-called GOLDEN trio, and having to get used to the company of 1 annoying demigod by the name of Will Solace. 

Oh Nico just knew this was going to turn out great. Absolutely amazing. 

Join Nico through his "awesome" "fun" & "educational" year at Hogwarts (okay... Who picked this name? I mean... Pig disease. Yeah um who wants to study there?) where emotions will surface, truths will be revealed, lies will be told, and the quest might just be a small part of all that's to come. 

[A Harry Potter/Percy Jackson Crossover with Solangelo sprinkles on top :]
[Slow Updates due to me Rewriting]

(In this fanfic hehe)
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I personally think I will love this story.
                              Thanks for writing it, Will
This is really great! You should continue to write more cross overs! Lol and ur awesome too:-D
XD XD I read "laying on his coffin like a bed" and I was about to say 'Is there something you're not telling us Nico?....THAT YOUR A VAMPIRE?!'
I had my headphones on dancing to this song. I just know it's gonna be stuck in my head for a while XD . Ain't complaining though