Just One Bite ( a RinHaru fanfic )

Just One Bite ( a RinHaru fanfic )

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MaKenzie✨ By CurlChan0 Updated Jun 14, 2015

The time was around midnight on a cold winter night. Snow had just slowly started to fall around the Iwatobi Swim Club as Haruka Nanase finished his seventh straight lap.

He quickly touched the wall, his head shooting up out of the water. He gripped the edge of the pool with both hands, slow pants coming off his lips. The male quickly ripped off his goggles, flipping his dark hair and slowly dipping his arms back into the water.

" That makes seven... I think that's enough free style practice for one night.." He mumbled to himself as his breathing returned to normal and his heart rate slowed. Haru lifted himself out of the water, then grabbing a towel and beginning to dry himself off. 

As he went to dry off, his thoughts drifted on his friends, who were all away for the holiday break. Then, suddenly, his thoughts went on a certain redhead.

Rin Matsuoka's image filled his mind, causing the blue-eyed male to blush an get butterflies. Haru had liked Rin for a long time, even more now b...

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I imagined Nagisa as Haru and Karma as Rin (karma and nagisa are from assassination classroom) for some REALY odd reason •_•
Haruka is cool. Rin is cool. Life is cool. (lol what I even saying)
Boi, seven laps is like a warmup. Except that's one lazy, short ass warmup
I am breathing like I have to not scream at 11:30 cuuuuuuuuzzz sleep but FANFICS
Bolgoliv18 Bolgoliv18 Jan 09
Boi seven laps ain't shît get back in that water and gimme fifteen mo-
                              nvm go hook up with Rin 
                              Sorry inner swimmer comin' out whoops
Have you seen Rin in the last 48 hours? HaVe YoU sEeN HoW gAy He Is?!??