Patience of a Gordon

Patience of a Gordon

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tala By TalatheWolf Completed

The future is shifting, and humans are willing to do whatever it takes for the power to remain on their side.

A village of Shifters is discovered, and they do as they have done in the past. They slaughter and torture every one of them, except for two. They leave the two huddled in one another's arms to watch the mass killing of the only thing they'd ever known.

The humans have decided to repent for their past by giving the two Shifters a chance, something that hasn't happened in all of history. And what better way to show their ability to change what they've become known for than to send them to one of the Gordon boys who's next in line for Human Chair in the counsel? 

Will the Shifters show that not all of their kind lie in a blood of betrayal or will they provide evidence that that's the only thing they know? (Second installment of the Gordon series. Cayne Gordon's story.)

Cover designer: maejestic

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regabear regabear Aug 14, 2015
This is such an amazing start! I'm already planning out my sleep schedule ;) I'm not gonna be able to go to sleep! :(
MissCyanidee MissCyanidee Aug 09, 2015
Hey don't hate me I'm gonna go asleep and read this in the morning :P
bestmom60 bestmom60 Dec 05, 2014
I'm happy to be starting a new book from the Gordon series. Perseverance should also be a she too, but I know for the book it must be a He. Great start, keep it up.
samandalee samandalee Nov 03, 2014
is it continues from property of Gordon? is it my lovely kendall?
Lovemonkhay Lovemonkhay Oct 29, 2014
please give me me more my dear I love your books there magic, please write more!!!!
_Literary_Potato_ _Literary_Potato_ Oct 24, 2014
Beautiful <3 I love Property of a Gordon, and I expect nothing less than perfection in this book as well :) (of course, perfection is only a relative term. What I consider perfection may be total trash in your eyes :P I know that's how it works for my writing)