Welcome to Luna High

Welcome to Luna High

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Tasha Finch By PrincessSelene04 Updated Dec 29, 2015

Modern day version of the Lunar Chronicles.


including Levana, are all involved.

They will go through the everyday struggles of life in high school. The plot of the story is much like that of "Cinder". 

(NOTE: obviously there won't be cyborgs in this story since they aren't real yet in our world. But Cinder will not be missing any limbs just to make writing this story easier)

cutiee3409 cutiee3409 Mar 23, 2016
not sure i liked it it was modern that kinda why i did not like it she has potential though just some more detail if you like  the lunar chronicles you should check out they go on vacation it is very good some spelling errors though and it is very detailed and that girl or boy has a lot of potential
Silverkitty77 Silverkitty77 Aug 19, 2016
We know *smirks* We also know of your undying love for Carswell Thorne
Scarletannbenoit Scarletannbenoit Feb 22, 2016
You all are more happy that scars here then wolf would be lol
pancake_storm pancake_storm Feb 18, 2016
Lol I luv hsm but if that was in my school we'd all be trampled by ppl singing and dancing
sallypup1235 sallypup1235 Jan 15, 2016
Yea like the singing a lot I would've slapped one of them by then *glares at high school musical*
Summersetgo Summersetgo Jan 06, 2016
I think it's funny that this is titled "modern day" when the lunar chronicles is based on a futuristic dystopian era....does no one else get that???