Drunk // Ashton Irwin A.U

Drunk // Ashton Irwin A.U

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Everything happens for a reason. It could be for better or for worse. All your mistakes, drunken or sober, lead up to something. Whether it is bad or good depends on what you do and how you look at it.

So maybe getting drunk as a teenager isn't a good idea when all the boys are full of testosterone and all the girls are fuelled with oestrogen. But as I said, everything happens for a reason.

For a player, like Ashton, his stupid mistakes could ruin his life or make him mature, depending how he acts upon them.

For an innocent girl like Muse, it could destroy many opportunities and bonds in her life, or it could open up new ones, depending how she looks at her life.

When two opposites attract under the influence of alcohol, is it always a bad thing? If so, how do you look on the bright side?

Remember; the way you look at life is the way your life looks back at you, like a reflection.


Kimberley Perrett 2014

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Tannahill2002 Tannahill2002 Jul 27, 2016
Why did I just imagine him saying popular? Dang it. I am so obsessed