The Glitch (Newt || The Maze Runner Fanfiction)

The Glitch (Newt || The Maze Runner Fanfiction)

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A breach in the system, an intruder...a glitch. She wakes up in the maze. If there isn't enough wrong with that sentence then I don't know what else to tell you. 
Autumn wakes up inside the maze, with no memory, no name and no idea where she is. What happens when she runs, quite literally into Newt...? 

Disclaimer - all the characters and general ideas are that of James Dashners

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alyssa_jade_ alyssa_jade_ 4 days ago
Hm.. a giant slug lookin bug creature with metal spikes is moving towards me. If I stand still it definitely won't notice me.
                              GIRL GET YO BUTT OUTA THERE
Run like the Jersey Devil is on your tail because it might as well be.
"he wasnt terrible looking" hes thomas brodie sangster what do you expect
                              i'm sorry,  i'mma hufflepuff
Bear_Tea Bear_Tea Aug 12
Read the title and thought we mixed Maze Runner with Wreck It Ralph