i blame you. ~ ashton irwin | editing |

i blame you. ~ ashton irwin | editing |

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"Why Ashton?"

"Why what?"

"Why did he do it?"

"Lily I can't-"

"No Ashton! Fuck all this I can't tell you because it's bullshit! You can tell me, you're just choosing not to!"


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HeyImLeigh HeyImLeigh May 08
My name is Lily and my sister calls me diddums all the time ohmy
If this is a suicide story please spare me one I've just watched the 13 reasons why show
KatFoskey KatFoskey Apr 04
16 with DDD 😐 i was an a cup 2 years ago. big boobs are literally the worst
No please! People always say I love you a lot before they kill themselves!!!
When u just hate science straight up yes my life is going downhill I know
Im just telling you @ author that this is the best fanfic I've read I've read it 6 times and I always enjoy it :) hopefully you will see this but keep up the amazing work with your other books ♥️