i blame you. ~ ashton irwin

i blame you. ~ ashton irwin

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"Why Ashton?"

"Why what?"

"Why did he do it?"

"Lily I can't-"

"No Ashton! Fuck all this I can't tell you because it's bullshit! You can tell me, you're just choosing not to!"

Umm..Excuse you? You're embarrassed. I just told my sister "happy birthday" and it's not even her birthday. It's tomorrow.. I did this on my dad's and brother's birthday too.
bunnyboo_8 bunnyboo_8 May 21
Heyyyyyy that's offending (not really I'm used to fanfics saying this 😂😂😂)
xolipopx xolipopx Jul 24
I don't think the word reluctantly was used in the right context
I used to do this with my cousin but now I'm lucky if I can see her once a year. . .
Tbh I agree with the past and present thing. My friends and I do it all the time then smack our foreheads when we realize that we did.
Bruh.. You guys were 5 and you guys are goals, while I can't even eat a chip without getting upset with myself..