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The Folveshch

The Folveshch

194K Reads 14.9K Votes 22 Part Story
Finn H. Arlett By FinnyH Completed

↟Formerly Featured/#2 Horror↟

There is something eerie about this place -- this village of silent, maddened people.

In 1922 my Papa told me of a faceless entity that lurks amongst us in our isolated slice of Russia. The locals have kept this horror alive for a century, though the only ones who claim to have seen the Folveshch have succumbed to a life of sightless silence. 

My name is Stefan Alyovich and the people around me are changing. They slip into worsening delirium and hysteria every winter, and I ask myself: how much longer before I'm the only sane one left?

... The only one left alone with the Folveshch.

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• 21,000 word novella

• Rank #2 in Horror

• Rank #4 in Mystery

• Horror winner of Greatbelt U.F Award 2015

• CBY October Book of the Month 2014

• The Cryptic Best Horror Winner 2017

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Love the suspense! I was hoping not to get to into a book tonight as there's annice storm hitting Maine tonight but....salting and sanding can wait. You have me hooked.
40ismahname 40ismahname Jan 22
Something about this story is vaguely similar to The Monstrumologist by Rick Yancey, which was written very elegantly, almost Victorian. Perhaps it is the mystery of the monster that brings me to make a connection, but I am now eager to begin reading. One chapter down, several more to go.
KevinGebhard KevinGebhard Dec 10, 2016
Terrific grabber of an opening line. Your depiction of Russian winter gives new meaning to chill. Excellent hook, finding the Malenhovs in that state.
theinkstainsblog theinkstainsblog 5 days ago
This is all I've looked at so far and already I feel myself being drawn in by the relentless evil lurking behind your words. 
                              This is an amazing opening line and simply perfect for a horror novel. Great hook!
anomalous-illust anomalous-illust Nov 29, 2016
Rereading "The Folveshch" is already exciting me! So far it's astonishing. "The Folveshch" has always been one of my favorite Wattpad books, and always will.
The year reminds me of 'Why Don't You Do Right?' by Jessica Rabbit