Odd Love ~ GirlxGirl (DISCONTINUED)

Odd Love ~ GirlxGirl (DISCONTINUED)

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Alec By LilyAndARose Completed

Ava Maddelyn Wolfe is a werewolf. Even better, she's the daughter of the alpha. This small fact sometimes make things a bit difficult for her, but she tries to make the best out of it. She's naturally a happy girl, she loves music and her guitar to death. She has a small group that she is really close with, especially Finn. Ava has been told to look for her mate the minute she turns sixteen, because she is destined to be the alpha of the Wolfe pack in a few years.

Mackenzie Anne Luna Blake is the omega of the Wolfe Pack. Her biggest hobby is dancing and she can sing pretty good too. Unfortunately her parents hate her dancing and make her focus on her study, because they refuse to pay for it. Why did their daughter, out of all people, have to be the omega? That is the question she hears on a daily basis, just before she gets 'punished' by her parents. She has three close friends, but has a special connection with Emma, who had saved her when she tried to take her it. Makenzie was desperate to find her true love, her mate, in hope she could save her.

And then, their worlds collide.

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XXthe_shipperXX XXthe_shipperXX Aug 11, 2017
OMG I LOVE THE MOVIES SOOO MUCH but they're not coming out with the third one til 2018 😖😖😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭
my-apollo-artemis my-apollo-artemis Jan 31, 2016
Now you've done it XD i'm addicted to this book, i have ran into a pole, and nealry got my phone takin off me for not paying attention to building the nursey XD why you do dis XD
Wolfhowl205 Wolfhowl205 Dec 03, 2014
That's the best movie ever!!!!!! I loved it. The end is so suspenseful I'm still making predictions on what's going to happen in the second one.