R.I.P. Charles,
     Prince and beloved brother.
    I never would have thought i could be thrown into the fire so fast...my brother his lover and the whole kingdom will fall to this power i have accqired through Marget my "sister". She came out of the dakrness to save my soul from eternal pain, i charles will take back my throne one way or another.
I really liked this story. Its different from others that I've read. I'm definitely reading more =)
I love this :) It feels quite old fashioned but I love it, it makes it so much better! totally voted for this :D
long chapter, huh? but it's worth reading it.  love how you describe the scenes.
i love this! its very different but wonderful. i love the old timely feeling and the descriptions are great :)
this  is great . i love they way u describes whatss happening very realistic
i love it you really put infomation bout the charecters most people dont i feel like i know them personally!