Cupid is Working

Cupid is Working

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Why is Cupid doing this to me?

Why me?

Meet Katrina Martin.

Katrina is that girl who is the good nerdy girl. Every parent wants this good nerdy daughter.

Katrina has a younger sister and a over protective older brother. 

Nobody knows Katrina at all until she has to go to her neighbors for dinner because her mom meets a new friend.

Victoria Miller.

The Miller's has a son. 

Meet the town/school bad boy Zach Miller. 

Bad Boy.
Curses a lot.

Katrina or Zach can't get out of the dinner so they meet each other. 

After the dinner, Zach won't leave Kat alone and he doesn't know why.

At school they talk.

At home they talk.

Over the phone they talk.

Katrina wants to crawl into a hole and stay there until Zach leaves her alone.

No never works!

Please read!!

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BentOverBckwrds2103 BentOverBckwrds2103 Oct 16, 2016
Why is all the bad boys quarterbacks? I mean I'm beat friends with the quarterback of my school football team, and he is nothing close to player, bad boy, etc...