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Clouded Distance | Free! Fan Fiction

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lauren By redvelvetts Completed


"It's come upon us at last; our first, and last, eternal summer."

Transfering back to her hometown has brought Hana Etsumi more things than she could have imagined. She's overcome her lifelong fear of the water, discovered her skill with words, established close friendships and, most surprisngly to her: she found love.

Entering her third and final year at Iwatobi High with her friends by her side, Hana has a determined set of goals before her. But soon, that all changes, as she and her fellow third-year friends are faced with questions about their upcoming futures. Hana finds herself conflicted and pulled several ways as she tries to find out what lies beyond for her.

The future is beckoning... but at the moment, the way forth is clouded.