Sakura's Twin 'Sister' - The Ice Queen

Sakura's Twin 'Sister' - The Ice Queen

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cave me in ✨ By Anonymous-Chan Updated Jul 29, 2017

This story is on hold for now and is going through a few editing processes. There may be changes in the chapters, some will be minor and some will be major. However, the story will stay practically the same. 

"Let me go!" Kitsune shouted at the cruel, vile beast that was dragging her away from her village. 

"I'm not letting you go any time soon you brat!" The woman shouted. 

"What kind of mother are you?! Take me back now!" Kitsune screamed. 

"Just shut up!" The woman, now identified as Kitsune's mother screamed back. 

"Where are you taking me?"

"...Somewhere where you'll be safer for now." 

That was the last Kitsune heard from her mother as she was knocked unconscious. She wakes up in a new village, a new home with people she's never met before. 

Confused and angry, Kitsune wants to found out why she was taken here and where the rest of her family is.

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iHasProblems iHasProblems Aug 07, 2017
...T^T are you serious, I'm turning 13 in 24 days and I'm 4'11... actually I have three older friends that are a couple inches shorter than me ... MUHAHAHAHA
chimchim_got_no_jams chimchim_got_no_jams Jun 02, 2017
The only reason I know chi means blood is--> "chi, ase,namida".....
xxNight_of_Dawnxx xxNight_of_Dawnxx Jul 14, 2016
Her name is fox death haruno? Hmmm I wonders what Marino means
Redhead330 Redhead330 Aug 30, 2016
That's how tall I was when I was 12 so not really cause I was taller than like half of  the boys.
xxNight_of_Dawnxx xxNight_of_Dawnxx Jul 14, 2016
Lol poor soul how's she gonna get the pocky waaaaayy up there
ShizukuYuuka ShizukuYuuka Mar 18, 2016
I'm 13 and 5'3 ...and how comes that all my friends that are oder than me are smaller than me and all my friends that are younger than me are taller than me....