Journal Of A Wiccan

Journal Of A Wiccan

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Mrs.Muschalle By willowwolf10k Updated Nov 26, 2019

This is the book owned by a Solitary Electic Wiccan, who discovered her path by viewing a quote online.

 "Wicca is the only religion that celebrates your individuality, where there is no shame in being gay. Where feminine is celebrated as much as masculine. Where all other religions are respected. Wiccans believe in the balance of nature. Wicca is a peaceful religion,  no war has ever been or ever will be fought in the name of Wicca. Peace, Love and Light to all. COEXIST."

She realized she had found the religion for her and it made complete sense. She had had a strong connection with nature since birth. She believes in Wicca because it is everything she already believes and more. This book is her study journal of all that she has learned and is learning as her knowledge on Wicca grows everyday she is on earth.

* I've been Wiccan since March 24, 2014. I wanted to publicly share my knowledge as it is very helpful to a beginner of Wicca. If something is wrong feel free to educate me in the comments, I always love to learn more :) also sorry if there is spelling errors I have a learning disability and spell check doesn't always wanna help a girl out xD I also go back and add things when I learn more!  ~enjoy! Blessed be.