Finally. ~ j.j

Finally. ~ j.j

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Meet Megan. 17 and madly in love with Jack Johnson. Meet her best friend Meg. 17 and madly in love with Jack Gilinsky. 

After an amazing experience at Jack and Jack Digitour will Megan and Meg ever want to go back home?

completed 25-08-15

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_slightly_obsessed_ _slightly_obsessed_ Aug 04, 2017
Wait they're both meg? Like Megan and meg. Does that not get confusing.
my best friend and I just kinda snap at each other jokingly if we do that.
youtubers23 youtubers23 Jul 07, 2016
I have a feeling it's gonna get confusing fast in this book because Meg and Megan and Jack and Jack
JenIsOnCrack JenIsOnCrack Mar 01, 2016
well I don't got to worry, my friends on G girls not J girls;)
_The_Real_Meee_ _The_Real_Meee_ Jan 12, 2016
I bitch and moan about it if my friends give me aggressive orders... How do you do it???? Give me your secret!!!
_The_Real_Meee_ _The_Real_Meee_ Jan 12, 2016
I wish I can say that then it happens, which from the description I can see something like this happening.