Finding The Way {A Harry Potter FanFiction}

Finding The Way {A Harry Potter FanFiction}

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***SEQUAL TO You Can’t Handle Me (A Sirius Black Love Story)***
Leo and Phoenix. Two orphaned, but otherwise normal kids who are friends with the scrawny, messy haired boy with glasses. 

But when the two find out the unimaginable, and go to Hogwarts, things are not quite as magical as they'd hoped.

From good grades to bad. Quidditch to dueling. School crushes, to bullies, to trolls. For Leo and Phoenix, along with their friends, the next seven years of their lives are going to be anything but normal. 

And, the third year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, is going to change the way everyone in the wizarding community sees these troubled teens; no matter if they are top of the class, have fought Voldemorte in one form or another, or have helped The Boy Who Lived, their lives will never be the same.

This summery sucks.
_-*Sorry! Most of these chapters are unedited!*-_

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MOST OF THIS STORY IS UNEDITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 18, 2013-- Teen Fiction #467 (Me when I saw this- *Jumping up and down on my bed holding my lap top squealing*)


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darkwolfpack144 darkwolfpack144 Apr 21, 2016
The last chap of the 1st bk covered this, and one thing: WHAT HAPPENED TO WAVE????
averywizardlizard averywizardlizard Feb 14, 2016
Wave is dead, she just couldn't take care of her babies because she was upset over Sirius being a"traitor" and thinking that peter was the traitor
                              Unless its the wrong story I read a lot of these
papaya_peppers479 papaya_peppers479 Jan 25, 2016
I just finished the first book of this and loved it so I hope this is just as good
emalater emalater Aug 18, 2015
Yay so happy right now I just got home and am so excited to read! Your an awesome writer
MadWriter2021 MadWriter2021 Mar 23, 2015
I loved that book so much I think one of the twins should become a dog Amgais like there dad
secretsnitchofgold secretsnitchofgold Sep 29, 2014
I really hope she went to azkaban with sirius rather than die because then
                              1) they'll be together somewhat
                              2) they'll escape together and chill and be awesome to harry and phoenix and leo
                              3) she'll actually be alive