Heaven and Hell RP

Heaven and Hell RP

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x- A roleplay book for anybody who is interested in the eternal rivalry between angels and demons. -x

x- Admin is inactive. You do not need to be approved or listed to RP, however the character lists are being preserved as a memento. -x

Cover: @MereMuffin

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DoodleJam DoodleJam Dec 20, 2017
Hi may I kill you please? 
                              U-umm.. No.
                              I'll take that as a yes.
moonmeifwa moonmeifwa Dec 29, 2017
hair color:white
                              half fox
                              demon,but likes a angel
                              p.s this is my first roleplay
Like This: Billy opened the box only to find out that it was not a box it was a wall.
GrimParagraphs GrimParagraphs Nov 29, 2017
If anyone would mind, could they tell me if this Roleplay Book is based of a series of some sort? If it's not, excuse my lack of knowledge on the subject of Angels and Demons, please. If it's not a bother, would someone explain to me also the meanings of each angel or demon listed here?...
UnslaadYol UnslaadYol Mar 15
This is still open, correct? *Hides a rotting carcass of a dead body in a river*
He is around 17 years old, and wears pastel clothing. Some people would describe him as feminine.