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Heaven and Hell RP

Heaven and Hell RP

36.2K Reads 714 Votes 14 Part Story
Donut; the creator of RP Books. By PinkNuggetLord Completed

x- A roleplay book for anybody who is interested in the eternal rivalry between angels and demons. -x

Cover: @MereMuffin

loveflower144 loveflower144 a day ago
Name: rose night
                              Fallen angle
                              Appearance: pink hair, a white long dress, blue eyes
                              Kind, sweet,
Choppy short fawn hair, gray eyes with brown speckles, tan skin
YukixZero5 YukixZero5 Mar 17
Scuze meh, May i have your permission to kill you? Yea, Like that'll work. No ones gonna say yea.
SedonaPlemmer SedonaPlemmer 2 days ago
Name: Kyrian Kane
                              Gender: Female
                              Type: Archdemon
                              Personality: Disrespectful, sarcastic, defiant
                              Sexuality: Bisexual
WittyFool WittyFool Apr 21
Name: Isolde FairTree
                              Gender: Female
                              Type: Avenging Angel
                              Appearance: golden-tanned skin, long blonde hair, wears all black, very fit and badass-looking
                              Personality: sarcastic, generally foul-mouthed, secretly a romantic, very mission-oriented
                              Sexuality: Straight
                              Other: She's a virgin.
Name:Seiko Faitality
                              Appearance:Has black hair,dark blue eyes,4'7,Has freckles,Always in black
                              Other:Is very shy and emo,Has lots of magic,Has no family