Stand Tall

Stand Tall

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Bella Thurwin By BellaThurwin Completed

When Arthur Pendragon is betrothed to a beautiful but odd stranger from across the sea, two powerful fates meet. The choices of Braith, the stranger, and of the warlock, Merlin, will shape the course of the future forever. 

A Maid for the Prince,
And a Witch for the Warlock,
This is a story of magic, monarchy, and rebellion.

Destinies collide in Camelot.

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spideys- spideys- Sep 23, 2017
Wow I can practically see this going down on my mental tv .. great characterization !
SongofLightandShadow SongofLightandShadow Oct 27, 2016
Great opening! This is my first time reading somebody else's Merlin fanfiction, and so far, I'm glad I started with this one. (By the way, I love the name Braith. Where did you find it?)
holliehindle holliehindle Apr 15, 2016
She reminds me of Merlin, can you imagine Brailin? They would probably look so weird together because their descriptions are so similar
holowhovian holowhovian Jul 09, 2016
"Thrust" *giggles* I'm sorry I'm so sorry I couldn't help it
holliehindle holliehindle Apr 15, 2016
This what I'm like when my parents tell embarrassing stories to strangers
louislover16 louislover16 May 13, 2016
Wow I'm loving how you wrote this book so far! And it's only in the first chapter!! Well done 👍😄 could you read my Merlin book and tell me what you think for each chapter? I'd love some feed back from you, thanks.