vampire teacher

vampire teacher

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I wake up with a pounding headache. Now I know why my mother tells me not to drink. I open my eyes and close them right after. I pull my covers off of me and stretch for a minute. I walk to the bathroom with my eyes still closed. Now that takes skill. I open my eyes when I get in there. I look around for a second and scream. I run to the bed I was in and see its not mine. I scream again. I go to the door and its locked. No,no,no this can't be happening... moments later the door opens and I almost punch the person opening it, he grabbed my hand and then put it down.
"Mr. B?"
"Its Jeff out of school for you,now."
"What's going on! Why did you take me!?" I screamed at him walking back away from him. Im terrified. My teacher took me...

Jessi is a 17 year old girl who does what she please. One night Jessi went out with friends and had to much to drink. Next thing she knows she is at her hot teachers house...



I have been reading the comments from all of you guys and I appreciate all the love and support. I do realize there is a bunch and I do mean bunch of spelling errors and grammar mistakes. I would like to inform everyone that I was 14 when this was made, never did I think that it would get so many views and responses. I will try and put some time in my busy, busy life to fix them...

Now in to the rude comments. 

No body asked you to stay. In fact it would be best if you just take your little butt out of here as, once again, I WAS 14 WHEN I MADE THIS 'BOOK'. No it didn't effect me in any way but there are kids on this site and I realize not everyone is as nice and respectful as I am but this IS my book. It's 100 percent MINE and I will run it the way I please. If you don't like it then get the hell out of here as I have many other more decent readers. 

I would also like to thank my haters because I'm working on other books and the grammar is better the story is better it is better. 



Boiler1904 Boiler1904 Jun 02
Emily15234 you shouldn't be so rude in the comments it is only the authors opinion and if you don't agree with that then maybe you shouldn't read this
Wow just keep describing me. My name is Jessica but one time on a trip someone got my name wrong so I was known as Jessi Hall for  a week... You creepy author-chan....
Emily15234 Emily15234 Jan 18
By the way if you try to say you accidentally put an A you are  lying because the I is all the way across the keyboard
Emily15234 Emily15234 Jan 18
It's Bieber get it right or don't use it at all I am a huge fan of Justin and that was very rude when you know how to spell his name
XsuckerforpainX XsuckerforpainX Dec 30, 2016
My mom would have looked at me then start laughing then cussing then grab a knife the take my shirt off in some way cut it up then beat my ass for 5 years then slit my throat no joke
Aeryn_LD Aeryn_LD Feb 08
In this paragraph, you switched from past tense to present tense then back again. Also, I feel as though you as the author are telling us what Jessi is doing, not explaining through her eyes what this feels like. Step out of your own shoes and into Jessi's shoes. Hope this helped!