Hetalia x reader (CLOSED)

Hetalia x reader (CLOSED)

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Kikulovesferrets14 By NyoJapanKiku13 Updated May 23, 2015

Send me request and any country wirr be paired with you.....even lemons if you request, I won't judge. When I receive a request I wirr start writing right away. Lemons I don't rearry care, it's okay. Arr I know is that France is gonna want to read this.....o-o Oh why am I not surprised?

Also, no Oc's. It's supposed to be for everyone. Not just one person to read it, then never read it again.


CANADA!!!! ((I never forget))

Italy (Pasta~)

Germany (Oh!!! It's a tomato vagina!)

Japan (yaoi..)

America (I'm the Hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

England ( America! Be quiet you bloody git!)

France (Ohonhonhon~ Mon amour~ pick me.)

Russia (Da? Oh you want me? That will be nice. ^J^)

China (Would you like some fried sweets? I'm at China town)

Greece (Zzzzzzz...)

Australia (Oi! Koala bears!)

Austria (So immature..)

Prussia (Hey, psst... frau do you vant to see my awesome five meters?)

Netherlands (...)

Iceland (No.)

Latvia (P-Please p-pick...

RivaillaBlossom RivaillaBlossom Nov 26, 2016
... I spend all day, everyday, every year in my house. Never go our, unless mom threatens to take away my hentai and mangas, filled with Yaoi and Yuri and straight hentai.
ElinIsHere ElinIsHere Nov 10, 2016
I did not read the full title and now I realized that this a lemon 🍋 
                              But I wont stop to read~
Zosan789 Zosan789 Nov 29, 2016
LOOL My record was 145 but then i died an smashed my old phone. 😭😭😭😭
UnstoppableKiller UnstoppableKiller Oct 03, 2016
Hey, I just met you
                              And this is crazy~
                              So let's have sex~!
                              Don't worry baby~! *wink*
LovinoVeVargas LovinoVeVargas Sep 21, 2016
I have to wear a bra all the time, even when I'm sleeping and it sucks because I'm only 13 and I wear a double D, it freakin' SUCKS!!!!
Yas plz *runs to hug China but slid up with a rock* gawd :'v