My Nerd (Justin Bieber Ariana Grande)

My Nerd (Justin Bieber Ariana Grande)

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Justins POV

I groaned as I was yet again shoved into a locker.

I winced when it made contact with me head.

"Such a fucking pussy" My Bully Ethan teased.

His 'friends' chuckled from behind him.

Incase you didn't know, I'm the nerd of the school. I get bullied all the time, it doesn't matter how much I report it, the school never does anything about it.

Probably because Ethan is the star football player.

"Ethan ! Leave him alone !" I heard a voice of an angel speak.

I knew exactly who it was. Ariana Grande.

The sweetest, nicest, most innocent and beautiful girl in the world.

Every guy in school has a crush on her, including me.

She's never spoken a word to me, yet I still have the biggest crush on her.

"Ethan leave the poor boy alone. He didn't do anything to you" She said sweetly, trying to calm him down before he hit me again.

He let out an angry sigh and faced her.

"Ari, Please leave" He hissed through gritted teeth.

I would never talk to her like that.

"No Ethan, not ...

dolans_bish dolans_bish Sep 10
I'm 5'0 also and only 13 and the doctors said Imma stay this height #shortiesforlife
HURT HIM and I'll hunt you down Dolan and make sure you don't live to see another Tuesday (if it's Ethan Dolan)
My mom only does this when I'm running really late, and then she only makes my breakfast and lunch, I have to pack my bag
Everyone is saying what are dooess and I'm like 'Those are my white chanclas!'
4'11.....but my brother is almost 6'0 and he's 13! I am so short...ugh...and people keep thinking he is the oldest when I am!