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My Nerd

My Nerd

199K Reads 8.5K Votes 19 Part Story
Chantel By ObelieberO Completed

Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber Fanfiction.

dolans_bish dolans_bish Sep 10, 2016
Abbythejustinfan Abbythejustinfan Oct 11, 2016
HURT HIM and I'll hunt you down Dolan and make sure you don't live to see another Tuesday (if it's Ethan Dolan)
Princess_KEEENY Princess_KEEENY Aug 06, 2016
Everyone is saying what are dooess and I'm like 'Those are my white chanclas!'
Princess_KEEENY Princess_KEEENY Aug 06, 2016
4'11.....but my brother is almost 6'0 and he's 13! I am so short...ugh...and people keep thinking he is the oldest when I am!
For the people who never read this story it's amazing I'm not going to give spoilers but it's amazing 😉 keep reading🖤☺️
Princess_KEEENY Princess_KEEENY Aug 06, 2016
I probably do the same thing for my kid but I would probably say 'THAT'S RIGHT MY NIGGA NOW GO PULL SOME BITCHES'