I'm Sorry

I'm Sorry

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Ari By Ari_in_Wonderland Updated Jun 07, 2016

Tony Stark has a daughter that he gave up at a young age because he didn't think he could care for her right. 14 years later S.H.E.I.L.D raided a house that was doing illegal testing and ingecting on animals. They found a 14 year old girl there that was strapped to a table done being ingected by a serum. Little did they know that they ingected her with different serums since she was 7. Right after they raided the house and found her, Loki stole the tesseract. When Tony is on the ship he runs into a girl wearing the same locket he gave his daughter. When he finds out who she is, Will he accept her? or because of her mutations, ignore her?

*All rights go to Stan Lee the only charactor I own is Sapphira, the couple that adopts her and other characters that come along later in the story that I will claim that they are mine or not mine at the top of the chapter. Please don't copy my story and if you see someone copyng it please tell me. If you want to use any concept that happened please ask me and if you see wrong grammer or something just say it.*

**My friend (@RockyStark) and I are writing this book together**

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Cool....oh that's why this story is fimiliar...I think I'm missing a big chunk of my memories...cuz I don't remember reading this....
sharonva sharonva Sep 27, 2016
Age buddy's! Almost my birthday mine is only 7 days earlier.
OXLeviXo OXLeviXo Apr 07, 2016
Awwww Tony I'm annoyed and sympathetic at you! What do I do?!