A Knight To Remember - UNCUT - Fans ONLY

A Knight To Remember - UNCUT - Fans ONLY

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Maree O'Brien By CompulsiveWriter Completed

A Knight To Remember - UNCUT is "R Rated" and only for Fans.

I wrote this story for myself.  I never planned on sharing it with anyone.  I simply had a phobia about writing about sex so I threw myself into a book which is very erotic as a 'cure'. 

I am now sharing it because I fell in love with the story and the characters.

My original plan was to edit the explicit sex out and make it what I think PG13 should be. But as I edited I realised how much of the story I was deleting. 

DESPITE THIS - I will continue to post to the 'A Knight To Remember (Adult Themes) PG13' version so if you choose not to read this you can still read the edited version of the story.

BUT - I am offering my MATURE fans this original version. Fans ONLY because I don't usually write this sort of stuff and I don't want to be known as an erotica author.  So consider this a perk of being a fan - or don't - your decision.


   a) YOUNG - This will contain Adult content so don't read it if you are too young - whether that means underage or not mature enough.

   b) EASILY OFFENDED - I hate upseting people so please don't read this if it isn't your thing.

   c) PERVERTED - I try and keep it tactful and I really don't want to encourage inappropriate behaviour so view this tastefully!

   d) ALL OF THE ABOVE - please change books now!  Please!

THIS STORY CONTAINS - Graphic Sex Scenes - Swearing and Course Language - Unclothed body parts in detail

THIS STORY DOES NOT CONTAIN - drug use - extreme violence - ickky stuff

IT IS UP TO YOU - be responsible - Be comfortable with your choice - Read it or Don't Read it - it is up to you (unless you are underage then seriously don't read it).

I will post this at the same time as I post the PG13 version so that they are synchronised.

lol yea right! and he will be even more virile because of that prayer
Tzelina Tzelina Jun 20, 2014
It's the 3rd time that I read this book and its never the same! Every time you love it differently !!!  Absolutely perfect writting , dialogues  , tale ..... 
fuchsiagirl fuchsiagirl Jun 26, 2013
Great story! The suspense and romance were well mended together to keep readers enticed. Thanks for sharing this to us!
GrawrImmaEatYuu GrawrImmaEatYuu Dec 07, 2012
Damn i had a hard time getting this chapter! I'm your fan and i was having a hard time! D; it's ok because with much work i finally got to it!<3 it! If it's anything like "Tight" I know I'll love this! Is she noble? Or part of the workers in the kingdom?
CompulsiveWriter CompulsiveWriter Nov 20, 2012
@Tayla001 The whole book is finished - no updating necessary! If you can't access the other chapters try going out and back in.  You should be able to read all 46 parts to the story... Cheers, Maree
Tayla001 Tayla001 Nov 20, 2012
I love it please upload soon - this story has so much potentil please continue