Escape - HTTYD FanFic

Escape - HTTYD FanFic

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[Not Hiccupxreader book]

After battling against the biggest threat Berk have ever come across, Hiccup is no where to be found, and he's assumed dead. But then Alvin the Treacherous was spotted by the Berkians not far from the island where the fight had just happened. Alvin gets his hands on the dragon conqerour and since he's helt hostile the Berkians got no chance to get them back. Will Hiccup and Toothless manage to escape?

-Book two description- (Starting from chapter 83)

Every once in a while, a soul is hanging on to earth, refusing to let go from its past life. The soul of the dead one haunts the one it loves without control, but also the ones they hated in its previous life. It's hard for that soul to leave back so many things it didn't accomplish to fix in its little lifetime, and therefore some stays. But when they do, they're not the same kind person you once knew. No, they're the opposite. They're haunting people by having mysterious access to people's dreams. Everyone can see the person whether they believe or not, whether they knew them or not. There's only one problem. You can't touch them. Which means there's no way of getting rid of them unless you know the true legend behind the curse. Old wives like to call this a curse, but it's not like that for everyone. Some people are gifted by the gods themselves by getting sent back to earth to stop the evil they failed to do when they were alive.
What happens when an old 'friend' of Berk returns in their favorite hero's dreams and daily life? Haunts him wherever he goes and drives him crazy? What can their hero do to make the ghost disappear with help when the ghost is gone by the time they look towards it? Everyone thinks he's crazy, but Hiccup thinks otherwise. He's determined to show Berk their enemy is back and haunting them all, but mostly targeting him. How will he be able to prove it? (A following up to the second movie)
Warning: Death!Fic

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CookieMontsa CookieMontsa Oct 07, 2017
I’ve got the httyd soundtrack and it’s actually rly good!
LGBTQ_Boi LGBTQ_Boi Apr 09, 2017
weleel weleel Sep 18, 2017
*reads the description*
                              *checks how many chapters there are*
                              *sighs eternally because I know that this fic is going to own my ass for awhile*
Jasondragon05 Jasondragon05 Nov 15, 2016
Love this story and I love httyd!!!!!! 
                              Keep up the great dragon work!!!!!!!!!
BlueFood101 BlueFood101 Jun 28, 2016
Ha. Two seconds later...
                              "I'll take my chances. Sword. 🗡Sharpened. ⚒Now. ⏱
CJayJayK CJayJayK Dec 23, 2015
It's really good! But you don't say fishes or sheeps it's fish and sheep. But it is awesome.