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My high school bullies kidnapped me *MAJOR EDITING STARTING IN JUNE*

My high school bullies kidnapped me *MAJOR EDITING STARTING IN JUNE*

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Cheyenne Hemmings By NiallersBabyPrincess Completed

Taylor Rose Hillridge is always getting beat up by Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and Zayn Malik. She can't do anything about it which sucks. But whne they come back all famous, Taylor reminds them that she can just blurt it out and they'll be even untill Harry deiceds to kidnap her along with the guys to keep the secret a secret. Will they ever let her go?? or keep her?? Maybe she can earn their turst and she can run away when their at an iterview or someone bbut in order to find out you'll have to read it

Was going to read but arguing with some random commenter because you have something against deleting comments is one of my pet peeves now.
NiallersBabyPrincess NiallersBabyPrincess Jan 29, 2015
@Haylee_DirectionerxX you've already commented on this one, why are you back?
NiallersBabyPrincess NiallersBabyPrincess Jan 29, 2015
@Haylee_DirectionerxX uhm no I wasn't yelling at anyone sweetheart. THIS IS YELLING all of which I was not doing
Haylee_DirectionerxX Haylee_DirectionerxX Jan 29, 2015
Not good advertisement for your book. Starting off yelling at the commenters. 
                              Better off deleting this comments. The author has that ability.
HaileyMahone HaileyMahone May 21, 2014
Well mine isn't going to be like that because I'm working on it. So just stop.
NiallersBabyPrincess NiallersBabyPrincess May 19, 2014
@HaileyMahone Listen I do have a life, and it doesn't involve or concern you. So please, gtfo and leave me tfa! It seems as it's you that doesn't have a life :)