A Violent Love - Werewolf/Vampire

A Violent Love - Werewolf/Vampire

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"Stay." He commanded.

Arabella's lips quivered, she blinked furiously trying to hold back her tears. She took a careful step backward, then another.

"Don't. I won't let you go." His grey eyes grew darker as he spoke the words. "Even if it kills me."

With that, she got her legs moving. Each step faster, stronger than the last. She ran as fast and as far away from him as she could, her wolf whimpering inside her - pained to be away from her mate.


In the year 2153, vampires and humankind are at war. The only weapon humans have left are werewolves, half-human half-beast. And vampires are determined to eliminate the only threat that is in the way of world domination. First, by taking out the largest and most powerful pack of werewolves - Black Crescent.

Nathaniel Devin is King of the vampires and the most powerful vampire in all of history. Ruthless, cold blooded and more than capable of indiscriminate cruelty to get what he wants. Bestowed with unimaginably handsome features and god-like physique, he knows he could get any woman he desires. Yet he is incapable of love, or so he believes. 

Arabella Snow is daughter of the Alpha of Black Crescent Pack, the largest and most powerful pack of werewolves. Aside from being daughter of the Alpha, she is known throughout the entire werewolf committee for her vast beauty. The only thing that matched her beauty was her abundant grace and kindness. Arabelle is determined to follow in her father's footsteps in the fight for humanity, and despises the greed filled vampires more than anything in the world.

What happens when Arabella finds out that her mate is none other than her arch enemy, Nathaniel Devin? Will thie violent, forbidden love have a good end?

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hottiebabes1234 hottiebabes1234 Oct 14, 2017
I am sick of this name- Xavier. I see it every where and mostly in every story
PapiChubi PapiChubi 6 days ago
I sort of feel the same way, but I’m not an ***hole to everyone, I just don’t go out of my way most of the time
Is he a vampire so he can see himself I'm sorry for hating but it is true
jinxinlove jinxinlove Sep 04, 2017
I would really like to read this, but this is not yet done. When will this be done?
😏 Not to sound cruel or anything but i like this guy already