Beauty and the High-Functioning Sociopath {#PFCC2k16}

Beauty and the High-Functioning Sociopath {#PFCC2k16}

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Alexandra "Alex" Watson is the younger sister of John Watson. She comes to stay with him and Sherlock Holmes after escaping from her abusive boyfriend. Slowly, but surely, the two of them become closer. And maybe, just maybe, there's something there that wasn't there before. 

Disclaimer: I own nothing except for Alex, David, and maybe a few more things that will pop up later. Sherlock, John, and everything/one else belongs to Steven Moffat (MOOOOFFFFAAAATTTT!) and Mark Gatiss.

A/N: This was written three years before season four premiered, so things are gonna differ A LOT.

XLUFFX XLUFFX Dec 03, 2016
You see... I would probably be more like John in this situation
For a second, I read it as 'flirting with the gun' and was left confused.
JessicaMarshall563 JessicaMarshall563 Sep 18, 2016
And no one else was reminded of South Park? Just me then? Okay
17blackLouis 17blackLouis Nov 06, 2016
*explosion blows out windows in apartment*
                              "play me something on your violin"
Meega_Nala_Kwista Meega_Nala_Kwista Nov 12, 2016
I do the same thing, but I do know regular stuff as well. Though I mainly know things related to my daily routine
First- meeee
                              Second- there's a head in the fridge, isn't there?