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The Contract (BoyxBoy)(OnHold)

The Contract (BoyxBoy)(OnHold)

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HeliosCain By HeliosCain Updated Sep 06, 2016

"I'm known to be a little sadist Castle and I will hurt you in anyway I please. You are on my List after all. I can do what ever I want to you," he whispered harshly into my ear.  He then tugged my hair back and it wasn't playful at all. "Castle you look super erotic with your hands tied over your head with a gag ball in your mouth. Let's have some fun."
Parents pay thousands to get their children into the best  Private Boarding school named Victorian Neige. Attending this very school is everything as the school is known for being the best of the best. However despite it being an elegant high standard classy school there were some rumours... Teachers and students attacking each other; conversely no one has ever explained what these 'attacks' were. 
Castle Upton completely ignores the rumours because they were a bunch of lies to him. He got a scholarship to the school, who would ever give up that opportunity? But late at night there was an 'attack.' 

WARNING: Contains MATURE content of boyxboy / manxboy action.

Always Forgive Your Enemies- Nothing annoys them so much!  (Oscar Wilde)

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GothicDisturbance GothicDisturbance Nov 17, 2016
Lmao. Leo King and Castle Upton... King of the Castle lets gooo
Run_an_otaku Run_an_otaku Apr 29, 2016
This reminds me of Ouran Hign School Host Club. Tamaki - "LONG LIVE THE POOR!"
Purpleprincess92 Purpleprincess92 Nov 22, 2016
When I first read it, I honestly thought that the author meant vampires. XD
Anime_MusicLOVER Anime_MusicLOVER Sep 26, 2016
HE CHOSE JASON?! WHAT ABOUT JAKE?! Not that I dont love Jason, I do, but seriously what about Jake?
YohSyen YohSyen Dec 02, 2016
Looking up with a bloody nose never helped me. Bending forward was way better.
jennacarv jennacarv Jan 18
When u look up like this while having a bloody nose your stomach will react and throw it all up. Trust me, its happened to me.