Through The Sorrow (Newt fanfic)

Through The Sorrow (Newt fanfic)

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The Glade has always been dominated and populated by boys.It was always the same.They recieved a male through the box,and this was a solid occassion every month.Two years it was like this,until one girl was sent through the box.Now,things started to change because of her.She is stuck with fifty teenage guys with an almost impossible escape.

The whole series:
The Scorch Trails sequel:

The Death Cure sequel:

My own sequel (After Death Cure in Paradise):

(Cover made by GallopingGlader :D )

howellhood howellhood Aug 08, 2016
But everytime someone says that, I always think of the ice cream
SmithTay0423 SmithTay0423 Nov 11, 2016
I'm so going to use this, I don't know how but some point in my life I will use this
KakuretaNamae KakuretaNamae Dec 28, 2016
you got some pretty high standards to call him just 'good looking' 😂😂
WreckingTeens WreckingTeens Oct 31, 2016
Just stick to the wall on your right and you should be out in a bit.
Gryffindor_R5_216 Gryffindor_R5_216 Aug 27, 2016
*reads phrase First things first*
                              *breaks out singing*
                              LA LA LALA
mrs_creepylahey mrs_creepylahey Jun 14, 2016
Wait she said there was about 50 boys there is only 12 months in a year if one boy comes up each month wouldn't that mean there is only about 24 boys? 
                              This confuses me