In my shoes

In my shoes

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I really want to say that I cried because of how he humiliated me in front of the king. But no, I knew the truth. I liked him and somewhere deep down, I thought there was a tiny chance he liked me too. 

That he was making me do all these things to keep me busy so that he didn't see me all the time because I was a distraction? I don't know really, but some part of me wanted to believe that there was a chance, even if it was small. But with what happened today, I knew that, that was a lie. He hated my guts. And that truth hurt. That was why I cried.


Kapinga, is a young 18-year-old, girl who has lost all her family, except for her little brother. She moves with him to a new land that her mother always told her about.

After meeting the Prince, she is immediately aware of her strong attraction to him. She also knows that he is no good for her. 

But the heart wants what it wants.


*started: 7th October 2020
* finished: 12th February 2021

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