Until My Heart Explodes 🍁 Frerard

Until My Heart Explodes 🍁 Frerard

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I'm older than you By 20_dollar_nosebleed Completed

Gerard has spent the last few years of his life alone. He doesn't really mind it that way, but his family (specifically Mikey) knows that it's not good for him. Being the meddling brother he is, Mikey decides to do a little matchmaking.


Frank doesn't let people into his life. Ever. He's toxic and he knows it, but his resolve and want of solitude starts to wear thin and die away when he meets a certain man that just might change his life for good.


Cover by @SeraphStarshine

my aunt used to do that to entertain me as a little kid !
                              "have you ever seen a straw worm?"
Lmao knowing your writing I'm going to die while reading this but it'll be 100% worth it
Lmao me when I'm at the library and the dude in front me took the last available copy of what I wanted
-Mouse- -Mouse- Jan 15
Someone. Anyone. Teach me how to do this. I will sell my soul to know this information.
Cinderella_Iero Cinderella_Iero Dec 20, 2016
I'm so ready and also so afraid because of the comments
                              Let's do this
frnkiebear frnkiebear Dec 20, 2016
thats bad for your hair, its like twisting the stem of a flower