He's A Player, He's Beautiful, He Loves Me, And He's My Brother's Best Friend.

He's A Player, He's Beautiful, He Loves Me, And He's My Brother's Best Friend.

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Mystery Rai :) By Mystic_Frost Updated Mar 13, 2012

Elizabeth loathes and I mean loathes her older brother's best friend. I mean can you blame her? He's arrogant, he uses girls, he's an all around womanizer. So naturally she hates him, but suddenly she has feelings for this boy, but many complications push them apart and pull them away from each other.  Will they ever truly figure out who they want or who they need? Will they ever truly be together?

But don't think this story is just about Elizabeth. You can't forget her lovable and slightly over-protective brother Nate. Nate has the same problem as Elizabeth, except this time, it's Liz's best friend, Miranda. They hate each other, or so everyone thinks, when the truth is that they both have feelings for each other. But because of some bad choices and stupidity, they may never be together.

So how will it work out for the wonderful brother and sister, and their best friends? You will have to read and find out. ;)



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- - May 16, 2014
The title gives away the plot and makes it seem like a common and predictable story. But other than that it seems good . Best of luck for the story :)
Yolo_4_ever Yolo_4_ever Jun 24, 2013
                               Hi I love your book, and I would like to get your book out onto another site. I hope you can reply, so I could give you more information.
April2022 April2022 Jan 01, 2013
You don't have to spend a whole page describing the characters and the title is too long. You're basically describing one character in the title. There's no meaning to it.
andysun11 andysun11 Oct 20, 2012
MY NAME'S MIRANDA!!! FIRST BOOK I"VE SEEN WITH MY NAME!!!!!! so excited to read! <3
xoxQueenOfHeartsxox xoxQueenOfHeartsxox Jan 14, 2011
@Mystic_Frost Found him!! lol..wish he did have a name cozz he is seeexxxi!! XD
xoxQueenOfHeartsxox xoxQueenOfHeartsxox Jan 14, 2011
@Mystic_Frost how did you get a picc of jacob if you dont know his name??
                              im sorry!! i juss really wanna know his name,