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Rin X Reader ( Blue Exorcist )

Rin X Reader ( Blue Exorcist )

106K Reads 3.6K Votes 20 Part Story
!LittleMuffins! By EmelyCampos2 Completed

There was a boy who saved me, I didn't see his face nor did I get his name. He saved me from getting killed by the blue flames but unfortunately he couldn't save my parents. Since that day I wanted to find the boy who saved me, and become an Exorcist, to avenge my parents death.

AshleeWhiteFox101 AshleeWhiteFox101 Oct 13, 2016
Fanfic me: *blushes*
                              Real me: *blushes but like x666 times more*
                              Get it?
justOme justOme Oct 02, 2016
I DONT LIKE HUGS KABSKABEJAJWVAJ- but I'll hug you anytime🌚🌝
BurkinaMio BurkinaMio Nov 19, 2016
Hi I'm Phone Guy pleasure to meet you, I'd like to say a few quick words. Freddy's friends can be a bit active.....
live-love-pray live-love-pray Sep 28, 2016
Wow now thx to black butler ever time I read hehe I instantly think of the undertaker
jaystacksss jaystacksss Feb 20
First of all, *puts on fake glasses, Satan is their father,seconddddd, being a excorsist is to excersise demons not to kill them smh😂😭, but in fan FIC anything can happen so😂😭