Twilight Preferences.

Twilight Preferences.

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❤ By infinitehaze Updated Jul 12, 2015


You were going to your next class and you wern't really paying attention to where you were going. Suddenly you bump into a hard, tall figure and your all your books and papers fall to the ground. "I am so sorry!" You hurry and gather all your books and look up to meet a pair of beautiful golden eyes. "Hello, I'm Edward." He says and smiles. "Hi. I'm (y/n)." You say and shyly smile.


You were out shopping for groccies when you feel someone tap your shoulder. You turn around and see the most beautiful man you've ever seen. "I'm sorry to bother you, but, you are dangerously goregous." He says and you smile. "Thank you." You say. "May I know you're name?" He asks. "(y/n)." You say. He grabs your hand and kisses it. "Jasper."


"(y/n), I saw you staring at him! I'm not dumb!" You listened to your boyfriend yell at you. He always got mad at you on a regular basis. You were honestly sick of it. "Look at me when I'm speaking to you." He demanded and he forcefully grab...

harrypotterlover223 harrypotterlover223 Sep 03, 2016
it was awesome I loved emmett's  jaspers and Jacobs but I wish you wrote a seth one
Hi! I really enjoy this beautiful piece of writing. I was hoping you could check out my story: gold and grey. It's a twilight x insert story. Thanks for reading this!