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Traveling Soldier

Traveling Soldier

59.1K Reads 682 Votes 7 Part Story
Elizabeth By BrokenArrow17 Updated Oct 12, 2018

Katie Walker hasn't always had the easiest life. Having her parents die at a young age has scarred her deep, not to mention what secrets she hides behind her smiles and innocent demeanor. So what happens when she's back in her hometown and a force of nature sweeps through and changes her life? Sergeant Michael Grey is back home for his best friend's wedding, but what happens when he gets mixed up with a certain girl on leave? What happens when he has a decision to make; leave his old life and start a new one, or re-enlist in the Army? And what happens when unexpected people pop up in unexpected places or unexpected situations arise? Follow their story and see if Katie can learn to love a soldier and if Michael can learn to love a survivor. Or, will it all end before it gets a chance to really begin?

  • romance