The Alpha and the Outcast (BoyxBoy/LGBT)

The Alpha and the Outcast (BoyxBoy/LGBT)

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Gummybeargirl4 By Gummybeargirl4 Updated Feb 15

Malcolm Nolan, future Alpha of his pack, turns eighteen in exactly a week, and there's nothing he's looking forward to more than meeting the other half of his soul, his true mate. Easy-going, happy-go-lucky, kind-hearted Mal only wants to find his mate, whom he prays will be male, and make him happy, but unfortunately for Mal, it might not be so easy...

Nicholas Clancy is a sixteen-year-old depressive loner with a sarcasm problem, who's already been through far too much in his relatively short life. After the arrest of his abusive father on assault and drugs charges, Nick is forced to move to a new town with his crazy-ass cousin Eimear and her moody step-brother Nate. Nick hates the world in general and people in particular, would rather cut off his own head than form a relationship with somebody (especially a wildly optimistic teenage werewolf), and is mildly suicidal- he needs all kinds of help. 

Can Mal help Nick fight his demons, or is Nick a lost cause?

Can Nick heal himself in time to take his rightful place beside Mal at the head of his pack?

Or will Nick's demons come back for him, and destroy whatever pieces he's managed to put back together?


Hes cute awh. My brothers name is Nicholas though so this is just a lit- a lot weird.
He must or might have a fear of being touched I just forgot the name of that phoba
phycopath14 phycopath14 Nov 14
*watches as my alarm clock magically comes to life and starts crying and screaming*
                              ANOTHER FALLEN WARRIOR!
Hey hey hey here is a sweet periodic table pun-
                              What is another word for a police officer?
                              Get it? Get it?
"...flew off my bedside locker and hit the far wall..." 
                              OMG THAT IS hilarious
Whoa. So much emotions I never knew about went through my soul reading this part. Oh my gosh I'm feeling pain.