tangled up in blue (boyxboy)

tangled up in blue (boyxboy)

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"I hated his stupid, dark waves, and his annoyingly soft smile, and the disheveled way he looked in the morning. 
And his eyes- god, they were the worst part. They were deep enough to pull you in. Deep enough to drag you under.

But if he was the ocean, then I wanted to drown."


If there's one thing that's certain in Noah Quinn's life, it's that he absolutely hates Jace Jackson.

Like, all consuming, burning, passionate hatred.

While Noah and his best friend Lee are pretty much nobodies, Lee's bad boy older brother Jace is practically royalty. All cigarette smoke, hard edges, and angry brown eyes, the eldest Jackson brother was Noah's natural opposite. So much so, that he had made it his duty to ruin the younger boys life.

That is, until Noah becomes the thing that unravels his. 

After his family get into an accident, he has no choice but to move in with his best friend and the older brother that hates him more than anyone. 

But while Noah buries his trauma, Jace fights his demons alone. So after a few drunken mistakes, prank wars and shared bedsheets later, will the line between hate and love start to thin? Will the two stay enemies? Or will Noah be the one to break down the cold, hard walls, that Jace so desperately tries to keep up?

(cover by @dinonuggets2 <3


bad language and sexual content, boring people stay away x
dw if you don't like mature scenes, you can still read, there's a lot of fluff and cute romance!! (but we all know why you're here anyway so buckle up)
tw// family death, mental health and depression, mentions of abuse- it's not graphic at all, but ill still include a tw at the beginning of certain chapters 
thank you for reading!
love is love 🏳️‍🌈
- arabella)