Silver Moon Awards 🌙 1st Edition 🌙

Silver Moon Awards 🌙 1st Edition 🌙

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Hey Silvery!
Welcome back to the Silver Moon Awards ☆

This time we are hosting an award ...
Why not come and join it?

Tired of competitions that aren't judged fairly?
 Or contests that stop midway making all your hard work and effort for nothing? 
Well, the SliverMoonCommunity is too! We're here to give you an unbiased, writer friendly award! Step inside and get the recognition, constructive criticism and rewards your book deserves!

We're currently accepting all genres! 
From random to poetry or historical fiction, we offer it all!
 Go on in! The Silver Moon Awards is waiting for you!
 Here to support new upcoming writers we'll help you in every step of the way!
 Who knows?
You may even win a beautiful sticker!
Are you interested? 
Well then come on in and join ..! Reads and votes don't matter here!