Too Far Gon

Too Far Gon

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Modesty By fangirling_or_nah Completed

Percy Jackson Hero of Olympus, Son of Posiden, retriveor of Zeus lightingbolt, retriveor of the golden flice, survivor of the layberith, defeator of Kronos, slayor of madusa, slayer or the minotaur, one of the three survivors of Tarturus,  is broken. So the gods send him to the avengers because of a new prophecy made. 

Gruges are hold
Prophecies are made
New enemies are made
New heros are needed
friendships are made

But in the end who will survive.

  • avengers
  • blackwidow
  • crossover
  • death
  • enemies
  • friendship
  • gods
  • greek
  • grudge
  • hawkeye
  • heroes
  • hope
  • jackson
  • mythology
  • nicodiangelo
  • nightmares
  • percy
  • percyjackson
  • pills
  • thor
Also the god of sass as you can see, it obviously passed on to my child
YellowYellow_ YellowYellow_ 4 days ago
"15 minutes" "NOW" not meaning to be rude but maybe get rid of one? It's a little confusing. Sorry I know most people don't like to be told how to write and you don't have to do it sorry
KatelynChan0 KatelynChan0 Sep 21, 2016
I can't stand the spelling errors... I just sat on a sofa (see what I did there)
Wait since when did Percy have a sister..?!?!meh it's a great  touch
bteam11 bteam11 Sep 04, 2015
No, WICKED is World In Catrosphee Killzone Experiment Department
CrystalArleneChase CrystalArleneChase May 30, 2015
it is just me or would Athena look extremely weird in a short skirt? eeeewwww