Meant to Be (Muslim Story)

Meant to Be (Muslim Story)

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❣ By FiHijabi Updated Feb 09

"Good women are for good men, and good men are for good women" (Qur'an 24:26)

Silence filled the car for the millionth time.  I felt a white-hot flash of pain tear through the center of my chest, where my ribs met.  My heart was breaking watching him like this.  I hated seeing anyone, but especially those that I loved, cry.

I couldn't bear to see him, not like this, so I took off my seatbelt and opened the door to get out. To go.  Away.  Anywhere.  Anywhere but where I had to see the tears of-

"Lima..." His voice, raspy and weak, stopped me in my tracks.  His fingers grazed my wrist.  

I froze, not daring to look back.

"Lima, please don't leave.  Please don't leave me again."

Halima Noor is a senior at Lincoln High School and is the definition of a successful nerd.  Straight A's, head-in-a-book, teacher's favorite kind of nerd.  She has her future mapped out and she is determined to achieve her dreams.  On top of that, she has a nice clique of best friends that are always there to love and support her.

But nothing is ever picture perfect.  

Zachariya "Zac" Azim is Mr. Popular.  With a big ego, a leather jacket, and an expensive car, he is the typical badboy.  Top that off with perfect looks and an impeccable and amiable sense of humor, and he is also everyone's favorite, from the school's dean down to the smallest freshman. 

And he happens to be the love of Halima's life.

Enter Musa Hakim.  Quiet, religious, gentle and smart.  A dark, handsome stranger with a mysterious past.  

And. He. Gets. On. Everyone's. Nerves.

Especially Halima's.

Put these three and their little posses together, and you'll have a recipe for disaster.

But at the end of it all...

Will they realize it was all meant to be?

Highest: #47 in Spiritual  :')   [6/11/2017]

NEEDS SOME EDITING.  (Hey, I was barely a teen when I started it) 

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WannabeWriter786 WannabeWriter786 Jul 29, 2016
Ur like the only writer on this thing that started with bismillah! I already know I'm gonna love ur book even more!