The Tattoo (Troyler AU)

The Tattoo (Troyler AU)

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troylerislyfekk By troylerislyfekk Updated Feb 18, 2016

Everyone has one. On their wrist. Initials. Your soulmate's initials. The ultimate OTP. You guys are meant to be. 

Here's the catch. You've got to find your soulmate before you are 26 years old. But for Tyler Oakley, time is running out.

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FearlessGeek99 FearlessGeek99 Aug 08, 2017
Ooo this sounds like that movie 'The Lobster'. Where you've got to find a partner by a certain age. Its got Colin Farrell in it.
Hey_Im_GAYYYYYYY Hey_Im_GAYYYYYYY Aug 22, 2017
Oml,  this reminds me of the fanfic called 'yours truely me' or something like that. I know it's just Troye's initials but...
panda14292 panda14292 Dec 11, 2016
I'm an idiot I just thought this chapter was in Troyes POV then I see the name of the chapter 😌
ITMEmarzbarz ITMEmarzbarz Oct 31, 2016
Unless the person calling Troye "babe" is some random friend's cute pet name, we're gunna have a problem
sparkle129 sparkle129 Dec 25, 2016
Troye Sivan Mellet
                              That's his full name. You're welcome, Tyler.
Raigeon Raigeon Sep 26, 2016
Honestly I would make a story like this in America so I don't have to convert to FLIPPING POUNS