Crush? No! Love.

Crush? No! Love.

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Meet Sara 22years old graduate with a loving Indian family.

 Her Father Mr. Rajesh kapoor who seems like a typical strict father but actually a best friend to his children. Her Mother  Mrs. Shruthi kapoor who is sweeter than any dessert. Her Brother Rithesh who is Three years older than her is like every protective brother and wants’ the best for his sister. 

They have their family business looking after by Mr. Kapoor and Rithesh, now Sara too want to work in their business along with them. They happily accepted that. She is been working there for one year by now.

Her family wants her to get settle but she took a stand not to. All of them are unknown to the actual reason except her brother. But he too don’t know the whole truth just have an idea about it.

She still can’t forget that day it’s been nearly two years but it still felt like yesterday when she got heart broken and lost her best friend and her crush. Crush?? No!! Her love…...

Second story and please let me know if there are any mistakes to improve the story. Thanks.

- - Jun 22, 2016
Hey if u don't mind me asking is there any prequel of this book
Easterneva Easterneva Oct 05, 2016
Interesting. But you already had it in ur summary so might wanna add something else in here. 
                              Summary and prologue should be different. 
                              So try changing it.
Latika_ Latika_ Sep 27, 2014
The way she blackmailed her mom... Amazing....
                              I mean I have always been with my parents still I throw those tantrums if they by mistake talk about my marriage...
cutiesf cutiesf Sep 27, 2014
Thank you Thank you Thank  you Thanks alooooooooooot for dedication.  It made my day:):):):) love u n by the way nice chapter..:):):):)