French Toast

French Toast

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Weekends are for pancakes. Mondays cornflakes, Tuesdays grilled cheese sandwiches, Wednesdays cornflakes again, Thursdays oatmeal and Fridays bagels. Colby found herself wanting French toast so when her fiancé suggests they take a one-week break from their relationship in order to pursue other...eats, she takes him up on it. 

WARNING: This short story has been rated Mature for strong language and strong sexual situations (wouldn't be surprised if Wattpad puts a padlock on it). It could probably be under the category of PWP (plot-what-plot) but I endeavored to add a smidgen of one ;-)

UPDATE: Yup, they put the padlock on making it private. Not entirely sure how that works, but below I'll post the link to chapter 2. I do believe you must follow me in order to read: 

Chapter 2 --

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sishaniel sishaniel Jan 06
^ I agree. This sounds like a great friendship that should have never been romantic. From what I've read, there personalities are too similar, probably both Introverted Sensing personalities. And having two of those romantically does not mix. EVER
kouffuy kouffuy Jun 05, 2017
see thats why i never schedule my life in is so chaotic, surprises motherfuc!-....
soredz soredz Jul 20, 2016
I don't care what they think. You're a great writer no matter what the subject. I really enjoy everything you write. ❤️
lovely_undifined lovely_undifined Oct 04, 2016
Oh ......  my ......... god I need Reese in my life I need a Reese please someone tell me where can I find me a Reese I will then rude her face off into the sunset and die a very VERY happy woman
lovely_undifined lovely_undifined Oct 04, 2016
Lml she said 10:01 not 10:10 you about to get punished and I love it
lovely_undifined lovely_undifined Oct 04, 2016
When you gotta say JESUS because you know your about to sin or WANT to sin and you gotta ask him for forgiveness because your mind is a very dirty place