It's time to move on

It's time to move on

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Janaki By Janaki_S Completed

She picked up some item from the shelf and was about to turn away when I suddenly said "Don't buy that"

I don't know why the hell I said that. I don't even know what she is picking. Scared that she might go away, I said the first words that came into my mind.  She stopped suddenly and turned back to look at me. A look of shock held her face before it turned to that of confusion.

 Why the hell is she confused?

My eyes involuntarily moved to the shelf from where she has picked the item and I was beyond shocked.
Holy Shit.
Lying on the top shelf of the counter were stock of tampons-different brands along with few other girly items and I  realized I just told a girl not to buy tampons.
How the hell am I supposed to explain that?
This is a cute love story of Anna Haven and Jason Samuels who are completely different from each other, yet similar in a lot of ways. This story is their journey from friendship to love.

What happens when the girl who moves from one city to another suddenly finds herself in the company of a guy and his best friends?

How did the guy become the most important person in her life and how did his friends become her family that she's ready to put everything behind her.

A story of friendship, love and most importantly life.
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cateyes0428 cateyes0428 May 04, 2016
I loved this book it is awesome. Hope you continue as it would be awesome
Emmy_Herondale Emmy_Herondale Apr 29, 2015
the start is really interesting, I like how there isn't a lot of information and it leaves you anticipating more :)
believethesea believethesea Feb 21, 2015
So excited to read on! Honestly this is such a great beginning, I'm so intrigued and relieved that there are many more chapters in this story! Can't wait!!
crescendo_s crescendo_s Nov 21, 2014
Being a moving person myself I know how it feels. I've changed at least 4 schools during my schooling due to father's job. Its hard living in a place for sometime and leaving after sometime. Though I didn't cut off with everyone of my friends. Let's see how she copes up. Nice start.
blackwing21 blackwing21 Nov 01, 2014
I get the main character for not wanting to socialize because she knows in the end she might get hurt in the end if she built un attachment overall the prologue is nice but u should put something more interesting to pull more readers though it is well written
kadambini kadambini Oct 30, 2014
I am so excited to read this... all the best for rest of the book.. :D