Truth or Dare ... I dare you to love me

Truth or Dare ... I dare you to love me

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(READ AT YOUR OWN PERIL. This story is unedited, cliche, and pretty terrible if I do say so myself. This was one of my first attempts at writing on Wattpad. It's been on the agenda for a major rewrite for years but it still had not happened because I truthfully haven't been able to bring myself to revisit this story.) 

 Taylor Fox arrives at university ready to start fresh away from nagging parents and annoying brothers. But when familiar faces appear, Taylor  face things she has kept buried for too long.

The teen quickly gets more than she bargained for with four new housemates who show her things new, remind her of things old and bring up things that she would rather be left forgotten. 

Pain, drama and romance ensue and Taylor soon finds out that a little game of Truth or Dare can change everything....  

So truth or dare? ...what would you choose?

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bookishgirl90 bookishgirl90 May 28, 2017
I'm an identical twin myself and her and I hardly ever talk at the same time.
la7646 la7646 Jan 22, 2018
I find this HILARIOUS because there are twins at our school that there name is Matt and Ryan 😂🤔🤔😱
Fucking_Crybaby Fucking_Crybaby Aug 13, 2017
O.......M.......G...Stooooooop my mind is to dirty for this.
bellagomez101 bellagomez101 Jun 10, 2017
No brother I have ever met is like this. My brother can't stand me
WelcomeToTheSmutSide WelcomeToTheSmutSide Mar 08, 2017
Wait a minute, isn't the door still open during all of this?
KILLER-Me KILLER-Me Dec 04, 2016
She assulted the door ..............................................................I'm gonna call the cops now