Newest Case // Dirk Gently x Reader (DGHDA Fanfic)

Newest Case // Dirk Gently x Reader (DGHDA Fanfic)

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Ink_Pen By Quill_with_no_inkk Updated Sep 13

In search of your missing father Oliver Payne, you and your two closest friends find yourselves down a rabbit hole of nonsensical clues and evidence that no detective would take up. As your friend Thea scrolled through Janeslist, she stumbled upon a weird detective agency that would soon tie the loose end keeping you from leaving the future's bizarre and chaotic events...


There may not be a Season 3, but atleast you have this now XD it's going to be somewhat like if you think of season 1, but it'll work out don't worry- hopefully-

I do not own the characters of Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, I only own the characters I add and the story I try to put out for the reader.