The Imperishable Curse (Completed)

The Imperishable Curse (Completed)

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We are saying that we are living in a modernized society. But really is it so? Still there are some stupid superstitious beliefs which are being believed in our so called modern society. This story deals with one such. The story is set in the present time in a village in Tamil Nadu where everything is modernized. There is no caste biases, love marriages are accepted, no gender inequality, etc. It is all because of the royal family which is taking care of that village. Even they themselves don't portray as royals. But there is one thing which is believed by everyone "A CURSE". It is said that the first daughter in law of any Prince of the royal family will die within six months. And the irony is, it is being really happening in the royal family for more than 100 years.  It is believed to be the imperishable curse. What is the reason behind this curse? Is it really due to the curse the daughter in laws are dying? Why the curse is focusing on the first daughter in law alone? Will the imperishable curse will ever get perish this time? 

Join the journey of three Princes who has returned to their village after long time with so much hopes. But when their hopes and happiness gets broken all of a sudden.

"The Imperishable Curse" is going to be a story that tells the beauty of a village life, love, friendship, trust and superstitious beliefs with lot of mysteries to unfold.

Cover by @missoctowriter