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The One I Can't Have

The One I Can't Have

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ArticDragonFlame By ArticDragonFlame Completed

"What do you think you're doing?" He said with a smirk playing on his lips.
"What do you care?" I responded.
"I'm your future Alpha..." I cut him off.
"Over my dead body Thorne!"
"Listen Alina..." I didn't let him finish.
"I never said you can call me by first name."
"Fine!" He rolled his eyes in exasperation. "Stario, you need to get used to the idea of me being your Alpha."
"Listen carefully Thorne." I paused to make sure I had all of his attention. "If you are accepted into my pack and become Alpha. I will become Rouge."
"Watch your mouth!" He growled.
It didn't stop me from saying what I wanted. "The only way you're becoming Alpha, is if you kill me for it." I turned around and walked away. I know I shouldn't treat my mate like this, but why did the Goddess give me him as a mate!

Alina Stario is the daughter of an Alpha. Her sister, Cassidy, claimed the Alpha title after their Father stepped down. Alina, being the best fighter of the pack, was promoted to her sister's Beta. After training with the fighters Cassidy tells Alina she's marrying Carter Thorne, the last person Alina wants to be around. In fact she hates him with a burning passion. As soon as he arrived she felt the pre-destined mate pull towards him. How will she react to her newfound mate? What will she do about her sister's sudden wedding? Will Carter reject her? What does Alina do when the one she wants she can't have?

What about your mate?!?! You wanted to go find him and now your gonna marry some random guy?
Which would be nothing like her wolf didn't come with pockets okay
I'm 22 and I wish someone would tell me what the hell to do cuz I got no idea.