Chaos's Horsemen

Chaos's Horsemen

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Goneinaflash By Goneinaflash Updated Aug 01, 2015

What happens when a being that exceeds every evil in history is born into the world? 

Chaos, the creator of everything and the first being, sees the birth of this evil and decides to take action. What she needs is four beings who have triumphed over the hardships that life has given them, four beings who have been cast aside and alone in the world, four beings who can save the world, Four Horsemen.

Carter, once the leader of the Egyptian magicians and host of Horus, now alone and betrayed he takes his place as Inferno.

Ali, once an assassin for the Norse gods, now one of the two survivors of a frost giant attack, she takes her place as Quake.

Janette, the head of an ancient order of sorceresses who was destroyed by the greed of a follower, she takes her place as Whirlwind.

Perseus, once the greatest demigod to walk the Earth who was betrayed by everyone he loved, he takes his place as Maelstrom.

Together, they may just be able to save the Universe.

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Firewulf Firewulf Oct 12, 2017
Seems like a contradictory thing for “Chaos” to try and prevent chaos
Pancake_Kingdom Pancake_Kingdom Dec 31, 2017
Didn't the into say she already picked the horsemen but just wiped their memories
Threeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Amazing Math Skillz, I need lessons in eglish
Softband Softband Apr 22, 2017
The perfect mix between mystery and dramatic that will get the readers holding their breaths to see what happens next. Amazing introduction. You might as well gained yourself one more follower.
RaveMaster48 RaveMaster48 Dec 27, 2016
When you said, The world was in chaos, Chaos created us to save it, uh, it sounds like the world was in the person chaos, and Chaos made "us" to save the world that's inside of him...but either way, good intro :)
RaveMaster48 RaveMaster48 Dec 27, 2016 should be 64, if he killed three centaurs, and there were 67 monsters...but, whatever, you don't have to change it, just sayin' :)